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Bethany Tiesman makeup, brow and lash artist in Louisville KY Bethany Tiesman family. Makeup, brow and lash artist in Louisville KY



Makeup Artisan Bethany Tiesman has been coloring outside the lines of the Louisville beauty scene for the last seventeen years.  With roots in nearby Elizabethtown, Bethany first began experimenting with color well before her teen years. “I was the girl sent home from school with instructions to wash the rainbow off my face, she jokes.

When her career began in cosmetology, she quickly realized her passion was in transforming women into the most glamourous versions of themselves. While working in some of the top salons in Louisville, before moving up as an educator for the Aveda brand, she knew she was destined to follow her passion by becoming a full-time makeup artist. Today, her award-winning talents have graced the covers of regional and national publications and her services are continuously in demand for commercial, bridal, and red carpet events.

One of the few regional artists to celebrate the flawlessness of airbrush makeup, Bethany is busy year-round transforming faces for photoshoots, weddings, and even in-studio beauty lessons. “I adore red carpet beauty!” Bethany gushes. “I watch all of the award shows and love to see what celebrities are wearing. Most of the looks are perfect for brides or clients celebrating a special occasion.” 

A favorite amongst Louisville wedding professionals, Bethany’s love of transformation is one that echoes with her clients. Working with brides and bridal parties is an exciting part of her job and a responsibility she takes sincerely. “I want my brides to feel like themselves,” she says, “but just a very glamorous version of themselves. Your wedding bouquet will wither, but your flawless face in photos are forever!” 

Bethany custom tailors her package and experiences to each client. Whether it’s a bride inspired by the timeless beauty of Audrey Hepburn, or a woman wanting a fresh look for Derby season, Bethany’s versatility and artistic eye begins with a personalized consultation for each client, and in some instances, a trial makeup run before the event. 

With her discriminating eye always on the trends, Bethany is proud to utilize her own STELLA BEAUTY® cosmetics exclusively, a brand she founded in 2011. After working for years with only the best ingredients, colors, and skincare, she knows it all begins with the right tools. “I named my line after my vibrant daughter Stella,” Bethany explains. “I consider her my muse.” Celebrating beauty inside and out, her BEAUTY by Bethany® cosmetics are available in her studio, located in Pelo Beauty Collective in Middletown.

For those looking for one of a kind gifts, Bethany promises the "Gift of Beauty" will not disappoint. “I love helping people update their look.” Bethany explains. “Best of all, my clients learn how to make their own best features sparkle. I love to help them FEEL BEAUTY-full!” 


*Headshot by Elaina Janes Photography
*Family picture by Kreich-Highdon Photography